Friday, August 10, 2007

Week 3, Thing 7: Blog Post About Anything Technology Related

I now own an MP3 Player, but have yet to set it up and figure out how to use it. If only there were 48 hour days and we only had to work for 5.

Week 3, Thing 6: Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites

I enjoyed the Librarian Trading Card. Especially this one. I like that it is not the persons true face, but how they see them self.

Week 3, Thing 5: Explore Flickr

Flickr is very interesting and has a lot to offer, but I have a Snapfish account and will stick with that for now.

Enjoy this image from Flickr.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week 2, Thing 4: Register Your Blog

My blog is registered.

Week 2, Thing 3: Set Up A Blog & Create A Post

It took me a while to set up my first blog. I was trying to go back and change something and ended up missing a step. Then I had to delete my blog and start over.

It did take some time to create a URL for my blog, because other people thought of my address first. Now it works, but it is long.

Week 1, Thing 2: Lifelong Learners

I have never thought about this, but as a learner I am in control of my own learning even if someone else is giving the grades.

I have always been a learner, but didn't necessarily classify myself as a learner in situations where I might be reading a manual to fix the toilet, or just reading the directions on how to cook a microwave meal.

We truly are lifelong learners, learning something new every moment of every day.

Week 1, Thing 1: About This Program

This will be a very effective and time saving way for many staff to learn at their own pace.